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International executive courses

In close collaboration with renowned leadership experts from all over the world Avicenna has programmed three unique international leadership courses.

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Avicenna WorldClass

An executive course on leadership styles consisting of a 4-day module program in JOHANNESBURG, the heart of the South African administration, in CHENNAI, the Indian ‘booming automotive-city’, in ROME, the imperial capital of the ancient world and in YALE, the powerhouse of the American elite. This course addresses today’s most fundamental leadership issues. World leaders and top entrepreneurs share their doubts, fascination and quest for a wise leadership style. The Avicenna WorldClass leadership course enables executives to reflect upon their style of leadership, in particular its vitality and effectiveness.

International Avicenna Course

A nine-day international executive program, held in Oxford, Bruges and Paris. Participants will become aware of fundamental, social and economic undercurrents and of the three dominant management concepts in contemporary Europe: the Rhineland, the Anglo-Saxon and the Mediterranean models. The program will also acquaint our students with the roots of Islam, Hinduism and Christianity. In particular, there will be an extensive examination of the diverse visions of leadership in these religions. The design of Avicenna’s International Course is based on a unique concept. In addition to interactive tutorials with internationally acclaimed lecturers, participants also take part in some of the religious feast days of the three different religions/cultures: the Islamic New Year, the Hindu Holi Festival and the Catholic Procession of the Holy Blood, as well as meeting prominent leaders from these communities.

Leadership DNA

Leadership is not only intended to connect employees, but especially to connect them to achieve a common goal. That is why it is important to invest  in the creative and entrepreneurial abilities and talents of your organisation as a whole. This ten-day executive program ‘Leadership DNA’ starts at a classic Oxford College and broadens the ‘mindscape’ of participants. The second module, in South Limburg, brings participants into close contact with passionate entrepreneurs and artists. The third module focuses on the creative capacities of participants themselves. But it mainly concentrates on the key-issue of this executive program: how can you appeal to the creative and entrepreneurial potential of your employees.