Avicenna Academy for Leadership

Avicenna is a renowned Dutch institute for executive management training. It offers a range of innovative programs for senior leaders, avoiding the standardized formats prevalent in executive training.

Avicenna, the Academy for Leadership, focuses on leadership development for managers, senior managers and executives in both public and private sector organisations. Well-known experts from various European, Asian and American universities contribute to Avicenna’s executive programmes, sharing their power of thought, fascinations and insights with the participants in the executive programmes.

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Basic Principles

1) The Academy’s focus is explicitly not on training ‘leaders’, in the sense of unique individuals in search of a following. Rather, the fundamental question which Avicenna seeks to address is How can I appeal to my colleagues’ own leadership qualities in my sphere of activity;

2) In all its programmes Avicenna combines the American leadership model with the European one. The strength of the analytical, traditional, trust-based European body of thought is combined with the American focus on future, drive, spirit and resolve.

International Executive Courses

In close collaboration with renowned leadership experts from all over the world Avicenna has programmed three unique international leadership courses.

Avicenna WorldClass

An executive course on leadership styles consisting of a 4-day module program in JOHANNESBURG, the heart of the South African administration, in CHENNAI, the Indian ‘booming automotive-city’, in ROME, the imperial capital of the ancient world and in YALE, the powerhouse of the American elite. This course addresses today’s most fundamental leadership issues. World leaders and top entrepreneurs share their doubts, fascination and quest for a wise leadership style. The Avicenna WorldClass leadership course enables executives to reflect upon their style of leadership, in particular its vitality and effectiveness.

International Avicenna Course

A nine-day international executive program, held in Oxford, Bruges and Paris. Participants will become aware of fundamental, social and economic undercurrents and of the three dominant management concepts in contemporary Europe: the Rhineland, the Anglo-Saxon and the Mediterranean models. The program will also acquaint our students with the roots of Islam, Hinduism and Christianity. In particular, there will be an extensive examination of the diverse visions of leadership in these religions. The design of Avicenna’s International Course is based on a unique concept. In addition to interactive tutorials with internationally acclaimed lecturers, participants also take part in some of the religious feast days of the three different religions/cultures: the Islamic New Year, the Hindu Holi Festival and the Catholic Procession of the Holy Blood, as well as meeting prominent leaders from these communities.

Creative Leadership

Leadership is not only intended to connect employees, but especially to connect them to achieve a common goal. That is why it is important to invest  in the creative and entrepreneurial abilities and talents of your organisation as a whole. This ten-day executive program ‘Leadership DNA’ starts at a classic Oxford College and broadens the ‘mindscape’ of participants. The second module, in South Limburg, brings participants into close contact with passionate entrepreneurs and artists. The third module focuses on the creative capacities of participants themselves. But it mainly concentrates on the key-issue of this executive program: how can you appeal to the creative and entrepreneurial potential of your employees.

For more information about our executive courses:

Telephone: 0031(0)30-2364400
E-Mail: info@academievoorleiderschap.nl


Avicenna’s body of teachers is made up of prominent practitioners and academics. Our lecturers come from the following international universities: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, University of Paris-Sorbonne, University of Oxford, Swarthmore College, Harvard University, Yale University, University of Pretoria, La Sapienza Rome, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Tilburg University, Nyenrode Business Universiteit, University of Groningen, Maastricht University. Lecturers from the business schools at Marseille (Euromed) and Barcelona (ESADE) are also involved in Avicenna’s programmes.

Harvard University:
prof. dr. Yochai Benkler

Yale University:
prof. dr. Paul Bracken
prof. dr. Amy Chua
prof. dr. Paul Kennedy
prof. dr. Vincent Scully
prof. dr. Kamari M. Clarke
prof. dr. Ian Ayres
prof. dr. Jean-Christophe Agnew
prof. dr. Olav Sorenson

Swarthmore College
prof. dr. Kenneth Gergen

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven:
prof. dr. Johan Verstraeten
prof. dr. Wim Moesen
prof. dr. Piet Nijs
prof. dr. Herman de Dijn (ook Harvard University)
prof. dr. Jan van der Veken
prof. dr. Marc Vervenne (ere-rector)
prof. dr. Koenraad Debackere (bestuurder)
prof. dr. Mia Leijssen
prof. dr. Luk Draye (decaan en vice-rector)
prof. dr. Antoon Vandevelde (decaan)
prof. dr. Carlos Steel
prof. dr. Katlijn Malfijt (decaan)
prof. dr. Rene Foque

De Sorbonne Parijs:
prof. dr. Nilufer Göle (ook MIT, USA)
prof. dr. Michel Wieviorka
prof. dr. Farhad Khosrokhavar
prof. Ali Rahnema
dr. Vincent Tiberj
dr. Laurent Mucchielli

Business school IESE Barcelona:
dr. Steven Poelmans

University of Capetown:
prof. dr. Walter Baets

University of Pretoria:
prof. dr. Michelo Hansungule
prof. dr. Andries Pretorius

St Augustine College Johannesburg:
prof. dr. Rex van Vuuren
prof. dr. Marilise Smurthwaite
prof. dr. Nicolas Rowe


University of Oxford:
prof. dr. Gavin Flood (OCHS)
prof. dr. Shaunaka Rishi Das (OCHS)
dr. Brian Mountford (Oriel College)
prof. dr. Grahame Lock (the Queens College)
Anuradha Dooney (OCHS)
prof. dr. David Palfreyman (New College)
dr. Timothy Radcliffe (Blackfriars)
prof. dr. David Coleman (St. John’s College)
dr. Tracey Camilleri (Saïd Business School)

John Cabot University Rome:
prof. dr. Franco Pavoncello (President)

Universiteit van Antwerpen:
prof. dr. Mark Nelissen
prof. dr. Christine van Broeckhoven
prof. dr. Roger de Bruijne
prof. Patrick Kenis (Antwerp School of Management)
prof. dr. Philippe Naert (dean Antwerp School of Management)
prof. Arjen van Witteloostuijn
prof. Eric Oger

University of Illinois:
prof. dr. Rajmohan Gandhi (kleinzoon van Mahatma Gandhi)

Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh:
prof. Dr. V.S. Arunachalam, adviseur van de Indiase regering

Kellogg School of Management:
prof. V. Balachandran

Great Lakes Institute of Management Chennai:
dr. T. Seshan

Universiteit van Tilburg:
prof. dr. John Rijsman
prof. dr. Ruben Gowricharn
prof. dr. Jaap Paauwe
dr. Paul Boselie (ook King’s College, Londen)
prof. dr. Jos Blommaert
prof. dr. Gabriël van den Brink
dr. ir. Gerda van Dijk (TIAS/Nimbas)

Radboud Universiteit (Nijmegen):
prof. dr. Wil Derkse
prof. dr. José Bloemer
prof. dr. Paul van Tongeren
prof. dr. Michiel Schoemaker

Nyenrode Business Universiteit:
prof. dr. Jeff Gaspersz
prof. dr. Rob Vinke
prof. dr. Paul de Chauvigny de Blot

Universiteit Leiden:
prof. dr. Herman van Gunsteren
ir. Luc Hoebeke (ook Universiteit van Amsterdam)
prof. dr. Roel Bekkers, secretaris-generaal vernieuwing Rijksdienst
prof. dr. Vincent Icke
prof. dr. Bas Haring

Universiteit van Amsterdam:
prof. drs. Wessel Ganzevoort
prof. dr. Fik Meijer
prof. dr. Paul Scheffer
prof. dr. Jeroen Bons
prof. dr. Herman Pleij

Universiteit Twente:
prof. dr. Mieke Boon
prof. dr. Henk Procee

Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam:
prof. dr. Cor Molenaar
prof. dr. Rinus van Schendelen
prof. dr. Willem Verbeke

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen:
prof. dr. Geert Sanders
prof. dr. Frans Kuijpers
prof. dr. Joris Slaets
prof. dr. Steven Brakman
prof. dr. Gert Holstege

Universiteit Maastricht:
prof. dr. Wiel Kusters

Universiteit Utrecht:
prof. dr. Frits van Oostrom
prof. dr. Paul Schnabel (ook directeur SCP)

Advisory Board

Executives from businesses as well as top managers from public organisations participate in the Advisory board; its members include the following people:

  • Dick Slootweg MBA, managing director Deli XL;
  • dr. Monique van Dijen, partner Ernst & Young;
  • dr. Steven de Waal, president Public Space;
  • Lidy Hartemink, Female manager of the year 2007 (Netherlands) & Head of Board of Directors Zorggroep Almere;
  • ir. Roeland Brouns, ’s Heeren Loo, president Avicenna Participants.
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